ED SONOSHARE is an online curricular resource designed to support and facilitate emergency ultrasound education in Canadian Emergency Medicine residency programs. It contains a range of documents, videos and presentations primarily for use in postgraduate emergency ultrasound education but also includes additional material for use in the undergraduate setting. The materials found in ED SONOSHARE include images and clips available in the public domain as well as clips and stills provided by the contributors listed within this document.

We would like to acknowledge our colleagues for contributing their teaching material to the creation of this curricular resource. The following list includes all contributing authors:

Louise Rang MD, Paul Olszynski MD, Daniel Kim MD, Chau Pham MD, Moritz Haagar MD, David Kirschner, …

ED SONOSHARE © 2018 is curated by Louise Rang, Paul Olszynski, David Kirschner, and Daniel Kim.

Original content and material within this work is registered and protected under copyright and are offered for use through the following Creative Commons license:

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Attribution, Non-commercial, Share-Alike

 This license allows use and re-use of the work, so long as: the copyright owner is identified, any derivative works adopt the same CC license, and any use or derivative works are not intended for commercial gain.

When using this material, please be sure to acknowledge that the slide, clip, lecture (or anything else found in this folder) comes from ED SONOSHARE both verbally and on the slide using the logo found below.