Welcome Canadian Emergency Ultrasound Educators and Trainees!

This website was designed with Canadian Emergency Medicine (EM) trainees and programs in mind. With the adoption of competency-based medical education and the integration of emergency ultrasound (EUS) as a core entrusted professional activity (EPA) within EM, the need for postgraduate EUS educational resources is HUGE! Whether you’re an educator, or a learner diving into emergency ultrasound (EUS) for the first time, this site has many of the resources you’ll need to help you and your training program meet your objectives for EUS training.

We invite everyone to check out our tabs above to access our recorded lectures and our growing SONOLibrary! Go over challenging cases, download clips for your own presentations, it’s all here and available for free.

We also encourage our EUS educator colleagues throughout Canada to check out Teacher’s Corner to access additional material like our exam file, simulation material,  and learning plans. This material is designed exclusively for residency-based training and is under a Creative Commons License (Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike).

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Content is password protected – we encourage Canadian EUS educators to email EDSonoShare@gmail.com to register your profile (including signing an agreement to honor our CC License) and we’ll send you the required information for accessing content with Teacher’s Corner.